Step 1 – Design Discussion

Sit down with one of the ZB team and discuss your wants and needs. We may look at existing plans for inspiration or start with a completely blank canvas. Budget, lifestyle, function and design are all considered here. Initial concept plans will be drafted by one of our architect partners.

Step 2 – Design Concepts

Review the initial concept plans and make changes as necessary. See how the house will sit on your land. Start to visualise. Make as many changes as you like to the concept plans on up to two occasions; thereafter further changes to the plans are $500.

Step 3 – Quote & Specs

Once the concept plan has been finalised and signed off, a Quote and Specifications document is prepared. The Quote details exactly what is included in your project price, including PC Sums (if any). Take the time to check the Specifications are exactly as you want them – if not, now is the time to make changes.

Step 4 – Contracts

Upon accepting the Quote the Specifications, a CBANZ Build contract is prepared. If this is a House and Land purchase, a Sale & Purchase Agreement for the land will also be drawn up and forwarded to your solicitor. Deposits for the build (and land, if applicable) are required at this stage.

Step 5 – Yellowfox

Team up with an experienced Yellowfox designer to choose all your colours and finishes and add the WOW factor to your home. Take home samples, a full colour A3 inspirations page and a digital sample board.

Step 6 ­ Working Drawings and Building Consent

A full set of working drawings typically take 4 weeks to complete. During this process the architect will work with engineers (e.g. for floor, truss, or retaining wall designs, or with geo­tech engineers for land information). Once complete, plans are submitted to Council for approval, which usually takes a further 4­ - 5 weeks. Any further structural, drainage or geo­tech reports requested by Council are undertaken at this stage.

Step 7 – Construction

Construction begins soon after the building consent has been issued. Depending on the size and complexity of your project, homes can be completed in as little as 4 months' construction time or up to 6 - ­7 months.

Step 8 – Hand Over

The best part – handing over the keys to your gorgeous, brand new home. As part of the handover service, clients are given a pack which includes a copy of your plans, colour selections, product and warranty information, and key contact information.

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